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Early Cancer Diagnosis

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The NHS Long Term Plan envisages that the proportion of cancers diagnosed at stages 1 and 2 will rise from the current half to three quarters of cancer patients. 

This will mean that that more people each year will survive their cancer for at least five years after diagnosis.

Primary Care has a vital role to play in delivering this ambition, working closely with wider system partners including Cancer Alliances, secondary care, local Public Health Commissioning Teams and the voluntary sector.

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Our Objectives

Cygnet PCN will work with our practices and partners to:

  • Improve referral processes across GP practices, including by introduction of locally agreed standardised systems and processes for identifying people with suspected cancer, referral management and safety netting.
  • lead and coordinate the contributions of practices and the PCN to efforts to increase the uptake of existing National Cancer Screening programmes among their local populations.
  • Improve outcomes through reflective learning and collaboration with local partnerships.