Cygnet Primary Care Network (BS 5)
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Quality Assurance

In working to deliver services across or Primary Care network, our  practices will strive to be safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led.


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How we keep you safe 

We aim to ensure that our patients are safe from abuse & avoidable harm. This includes acting to eliminate abuse that is physical, sexual, mental, physiological, financial, neglect, institutional or discriminatory. 

Our culture, policies, procedures and actions will be focused on seeking at all times to meet those imperatives


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Better Services & Outcomes

Our approach will show a clear focus on the NHS Plan and delivering those aspirations for our local population. At the same time we will research those aspects of local need that are priorities for our patients . 

Working at scale with partners, we will aim to deliver improved health outcomes by better service delivery.  This will involve close team working with all of our practices, effective communication with patients, an emphasis on prevention and a focus on improved services.

In judging our success, patients will play a central role in our thinking and all that we do


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Our Culture & Outlook

Our caring culture is intended to be reflected at all levels.  As an organisation, we respect and care about our colleagues and partners. This is reflected in our policies and working relationships.

We are here to maintain & develop excellent, relevant and timely health services to all our patients. We care about listening to patients and their needs In delivering care, we aim to ensure that our patients experience due respect and exceptional service in every interaction with our team


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Listening & Doing

Our organisational structure and systems allow us to build an understanding of patient need. Working with colleagues in the NHS and by listening to patients, we aim to develop timely solutions expressed as service  delivery for national and local priorities 

Our dynamic approach will focus on working at scale with our practices to deliver on those imperatives. In developing initiatives, we will ensure 
that the views of our patients are central to the measurement of progress and success


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Our Way of Working

Our style of leadership is to effectively bring together the collective expertise of all our practices and together to work at scale with our patients and health partners to deliver the services needed to meet the health needs of our local population.

We will work positively with integrity, accountability, empathy, humility, resilience and vision. Our aim is to inspire change for the better. Working together as a team, with patients, we can achieve our goal of  better health and better outcomes for all our patients.