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Cygnet PCN is currently developing its approach to delivering Structured Medication Reviews in conjunction with our member practices.

We are currently recruiting skilled staff to our pharmacy time and further detail with be published shortly on our specific work with practices. In the meantime, we have listed below some of the general aims of  Structured Medication Reviews.

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Our Aims

  • Benefit patients with complex needs, and their carers, who are at risk of unwarranted health outcomes by enabling them to stay healthier for longer, with maintained or improved functional ability and enjoy positive experiences of proactive, personalised and self-supported care.
  • Avoid admission to hospital through unnecessary medicines related harm.
  • Reduce overprescribing of medicines and waste
  • Integrate pharmacy within wider multi-disciplinary healthcare teams (including community and hospital pharmacy) and improved access to healthcare and outcomes for patients.
  • maximise its potential to reduce health inequalities.

Medicines, Vaccines & Medical Devices

Adverse Reaction ReportingYellow Card Logo of the  Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory AgencyLogo of the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency

It is important that patients report adverse reactions and events in relation the medicines, vaccines or medical devices to the Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency. This will be key in the case of the deployment of covid-19 vaccinations. However, any reaction to any medicine that has been used for patients with covid-19 should be reported. There is also a seperate reporting tool for non-covid adverse reactions.